Corona Effect on Nagarjuna’s Paycheck

Corona Effect on Nagarjuna's Paycheck

Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the most successful reality programs on Telugu’s small screen. Coronavirus effect has postponed the show shooting but Star Maa can not let go of it for a season. We are told that the participants’ selection is going on and very soon, the final list will be locked.

Nagarjuna, who successfully hosted the third season, will also return for the fourth installment. The first three seasons had three different hosts – NTR, Nani, and Nagarjuna. It will be the first time the host will be repeated for this show. However, COVID impact has fallen on Nagarjuna’s paycheck for this show.

Nagarjuna demanded 25% increase of his remuneration when compared to the Third Season. Star MAA is okay for it initially but later it has been dropped due to the possible COVID impact on the revenues. He is taking home the same paycheck as the third season now.