Color Photo will change my career says Chandni Chowdary

Chandini Chowdary finally gets her due with Color Photo

Color Photo is a film that will release soon. The film is being made with a team of a really young group and Suhas is playing the hero in this film and this is a big thing for him in his career.

The pre-release event happened today and Chandni Chowdary, the heroine of the film spoke at length about the film. She says that the female angle in the film is super strong and that is the reason, she accepted the project in the first place.

Also, Chandni says that this film will change her career and the credit that she is waiting for in the industry will come back with this film. Sai Rajesh has produced the film along with the story and he has made good money with this project which will be out on AHA soon.