Chiranjeevi’s daughter ignores Allu Aravind’s AHA

Chiranjeevi's daughter ignores Allu Aravind's AHA

Sushmita Konidela, the elder daughter of Chiranjeevi started her career as a producer with the web series that also started its shoot a while back. It was even stopped as one of the unit members turned positive for COVID 19.

The series has Prakash Raj in a lead role and is being made for Zee5. The inside info is that Sushmita has signed two more web series for Zee 5 and all the three shows will be released next year. She has signed a three-series deal with Zee5  is the talk. But the hot gossip in the industry is why Sushmita chose Zee5 when she has her own mama, Allu Aravind’s AHA at the helm of things.

This has become a talking point and many say that it was purely a business deal for Sushmita and she thought as a producer and went with Zee5 who had given her more preference, budget, and good supporting team to make her mark.