Chiranjeevi’s Acharya’s plotline explained

Bobby's film with Chiranjeevi doubtful as of now?

Acharya is a film that has landed in a controversy of sorts. A young writer called Rajesh has stated that the story of the film is his and he had registered it with the writer’s association as well. 

We have come to know that the story of the film is about the temple land encroachment issue. A temple land is encroached by a gang of goos and kills the person handling the temple. The son of the temple head takes his revenge in a very innovative manner through the backdrop of the endowment department. All this will be showcased in the past and the present mode is the talk. 

This is quite interesting and we need to see where Chiru and Charan will be fit in this setup. This piracy issue has also been blown out of proportion in the last few days and we need to see how Chiranjeevi handles these allegations now.