Cheating:BigBoss 3 Editors Saving Sreemukhi

Cheating:BigBoss 3 Editors Saving Sreemukhi

Last season many people saw what happens if the stars in bigg boss show is shown in bad light.In Bigg Boss 2,the evicted tejaswini madivada had a chance for re-entry.But audience outrightly rejected her.This time the bigg boss team are protecting their star counterpart, sreemukhi.

She is well followed by a suggestion not to go into unnecessary confrontations, but is often fed up with housemates. However, all the Mistakes that Sreemukhi does are cut by the editors and they are not telecasting on the main show. She had a fight with Singer Rahul sipligunj on the show,but the editors cut those parts and they didn’t telecast it. Whenever she appears calm or making fun, then the team is showing sreemukhi footage to the audience. Sreemukhi went with full preparation on how to get out of the nominees. Her PR team is doing well to save her.

She only planned to stay safe for at least ten weeks, since only one constant would go out each week. Bigboss Nagarjuna is also playing the game with the editors, taking care of her until the final week. However, it remains to be seen how long these concealed lids will last.