Chay-Sai Pallavi-Kammula Story Line

Chay-Sai Pallavi-Kammula Story Line

Director Shekhar Kammula is all set to launch a new venture in the Tollywood industry, playing classical films in Telugu screen. Shekhar Kammula, who entered the Tollywood industry with Anand’s film, got a fantastic craze in a short time. Sai Pallavi, the heroine of the last Fidaa film directed by Shekhar Kammula, is reportedly prepared a impressive project.

The film will be directed by Shekhar Kammula along with Nagachaitanya and Sai Pallavi. However, Sekhar Kammula, who has been shown as Telangana Pori in Fidaa Cinema, is going to feature Sai Pallavi as a classical dancer from Andhra Pradesh. Nagachaitanya is going to appear in full-scale mass character role.However, sai pallavi immediately okayed the project because of her dancer role in the movie.

To this end, How a boy with a mass character in the film is going to love a classical dance girl is the main plot of the film.Sekhar Kammula is experimenting with a new flavor in telugu cinema.