Bollywood drug scandal- Only to hide Sushanth’s murder culprits

Bollywood drug scandal- Only to hide Sushanth's murder culprits

The death of Sushanth Singh Rajput has created a whole new ball game for the media and all those connected to it. The death scandal has now shifted to the drug scandal and so many names are coming out one after the other.

Seeing this, the industry heads say that the Maharastra government is protecting some big names in this murder and trying to deviate the topic cleverly by revealing some big names in the Hindi film industry as the case will be put aside and drug abuse will become the highlight.

If you observe closely, the CBI inquiry into the death of Sushanth has been sidelined by the cops and only the drug scandal has been highlighted. If you remember, the same happened in Tollywood as so many names came pt and the narcotics bureau called so many but nothing happened at all.