BJP Youth Organization Threatens to Stop Sita Release

A few days ago, we have written a piece about a controversial dialogue in Bellamkonda Sreenivas’ Sita in the context of Ramayana. Now, BJYM, the Youth Organization of BJP has alleged that Sita is defaming Hindu sentiments and the release should be kept on hold. BJYM even warned that they would vandalize the film theaters if the concerned authorities fail to take action.

“Ravanasurudu Sita Devi ni Theesukunelladam Thappu Kadhandi. Ramudi Bharyanu Ethukelladam Thappandi,” Bellamkonda says to Sonu Sood in the trailer. This is objectionable because One Can Not Touch A Girl without consent despite the fact she is married or not. Sita releases this Friday across the globe. Kajal Agarwal is the heroine in this film directed by Teja.