BiggBoss3-Nagarjuna Sattires on Varun-Vithika Tub Romance

BiggBoss3-Nagarjuna Sattires on Varun-Vithika Tub Romance

Nagarjuna was seen as the host of the ‘Bigg Boss 3’ show yesterday. Nag finished his first test yesterday night, taking on the job of playing with the House mates every Saturday and Sunday.

Nagarjuna, who is known for his natural fun with housemates, is very familiar with everyone and targets all of them. The Pillow game played by Nagarjuna in this case became a hot topic for yesterday’s show.

He played the music and rotated the pillow between the members of the house mates, commenting on where the music was and targeting each housemate. In particular, Nagarjuna played a game of real life wife husbands Varun Sandesh and vithika who entered the show.

Nagarjuna had many pranks on the bathroom tub romances in particular. However, Rithika answered the words in bold and it was their Thinking Tub. However, there are signs that there will be no elimination today as Nagarjuna joked that Varun Sandesh was sober enough not to send Big Boss out of the house.Nagarjuna was 100% successful in maintaining the suspense of who would be eliminated today if she went into the safe zone, saying that there were more votes for re-election in today’s elimination process.