Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Awards List

Bigg Boss TV show has finally come to an end. We are going to witness the grand finale today and the last episode is very much fun. The reunion happened in the house as the evicted housemates made their way into the house. All the 17 housemates have enjoyed with one another in full josh. Bigg Boss arranged a show called, ‘Appy Fizz Award Show Party’ in the house which was hosted by Amit and Roll Rida. All the housemates were made to dress differently in a colourful manner.

Later, Geetha Madhuri entertained everyone by singing some super hit songs. She has impressed one and all with her singing performance for almost 15 minutes. Some housemates enjoyed the show with dances and Geetha was appreciated for her amazing performance in the hosue just before the grand finale. Roll and Amit organized a Rapid Fire Questions session with all the housemates. The following awards were announced by Bigg Boss for the housemates.

Dilemma candidate – Kireeti
Pakka Mass – Syamala
Ray of Hope – Pooja
Singing Nightingale – Geetha
Mirchi – Bhanu Sri
Mr. Romeo – Samrat
Entertainer – Ganesh
Bittergaurd – Deepthi
Sleepy – Deepthi Sunaina
Preaching Star – Kaushal
Fizz Classy – Samrat
Genius – Babu Gogineni
Foodie – Ganesh
Miss. Negligent – Deepthi Sunaina
Aggressive – Tanish
Loud Speaker – Sanjana Anne