Bigg Boss Leaks:Winner Confirmed?


In two more days, the grand finale of Bigg Boss TV show is going to take place. After entertaining us for more than 107 days, the season will have to come to an end and we have another exclusive information for all our readers.

Currently, Tanish, Deepthi, Geetha, Kaushal, and Samrat are the finalists for the second season. As per the sources, the top two will be Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal Manda. Both Geetha and Kaushal will be sharing the finale stage together.

Apparently, Deepthi will be the first person to be left out from the five people. Later, Samrat and then Tanish will be evicted from the finals. More or less, Kaushal Manda is going to be the winner of Bigg Boss game show for the second season. The telecast will take place on Sunday evening on Star MAA from 6pm.