Bigg Boss Craze Went Down

One of the most hyped programs on Telugu television right now is none other than Bigg Boss reality show that has housemates kept in a well-designed luxury house for 100 days and the winner gets to pick a trophy along with 50 lakhs cash prize. And this year, we have some crazy participants like varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi, rahul Sipligunj and others competing for the same.

Unlike last year where Kaushal has created a storm with his antics and almost split the house into a one-man versus all kinds of scenario, this year there is no such thing. As the very first season of Bigg Boss, the contestants are not able to pull up any hype, neither they are able to attract audiences with their sincerity and dedication. Almost everyone exposed their game plan and that shocked the audiences too.

Though Bigg Boss is trying to create interest in the program with their ‘editing’ skills, somehow the reality show is not living up to the expectations. We hear that the TRPs are not so great though they are better than many programs. This is due to a lack of strong contestants inside the team and everyone becoming friends with all without proving anything to the audiences.

Other than those promos that are presented like as if some a storm is coming, there lacks spice and sizzle this time for sure