Bigg Boss Avinash requests media not to defame him

Avinash was one of the star celebs that was taken to the Bigg Boss to provide entertainment. He was paid big bucks and the comedian did his best to entertain the audience. However, he could not carry on in the show and was ousted.

Now, in an interview, Avinash reveals how painful it was for him to leave Jabardasth and take Bigg Boss. Avinash confirmed that he had to pay 10 lakhs to Jabardasth makers for breaking the bond and he also borrowed money for this and he made a comeback.

But many in the media say that he has become arrogant and is behaving like a star. For this, Avinash says that he is no star and has become famous only because of the media. He requests the media not to spoil his image as he has a long way to go in his career. As of now, he has no show in his hands.