Bigg Boss 3-Tamanna to Eliminate in 3 days?

Bigg Boss 3-Tamanna to Eliminate in 3 days?

One of the big boss management who screamed at the transgender Tamanna by sending into the Bigboss house was totally collapsing the show. Being a transgender meant that the show had a new dimension but Tamanna made the whole thing even worse.This has become a hell of a spectator as well as those in the bigg boss house mates. Many members in bigg boss house have been reprimanded tamanna for targeting Ravikrishna.

Bigboss also spoke to Ravikrishna and Sreemukhi on this issue. There has been speculation that Tamanna will be eliminated in midweek due to the response on social media.It sounds like Nagarjuna interacts with Tamanna on the mid week itself and gives her a direct elimination for hurting House Harmony and landing into personal abuse without a proper scent of her own.

However, this move could give BigBoss management more headaches later on. Those who know about Tamanna feels thatwhen she is out of bigg boss,things will get even more worse as they cannot control her abusive words in the media. Tamanna is severely trolling for abusive words in social media.