Big nexus behind Sushanth Singh’s death?

CBI inquiry for Sushanth Singh's death finally

That is what the whole Bollywood media is talking about as of now. The way new developments are coming in one after the other on a daily basis has shocked many in Mumbai circles.

Rhea and the way her family was after Sushanth is slowly but steadily coming out in the open. Many say that it was Rhea who slow posioned Sushath by taking him to several doctors and got treated him for diseases that he never had in the first place. The talk is that Rhea brother and his parents did all this on the suggestion of a big nexus who did not want Suhanth to grow big in the industry.

That is the reason, through Rhea, they have started targetting Sushanth so that he would never become popular. In a way, the nexus planned things in such a way that he played with his fragile mind and made him kill himself