Bad News for Balayya Fans

New Project of Balayya: Better Than Others in Rumormills

Today is the birthday of senior producer C Kalyan. On this occasion, he gave interviews to various media organizations. He said that he will make another film with Balayya soon and that Balayya always considers his banner as his own. This news has come as a huge disappointment for fans.

There have been three films in the Balayya C Kalyan combination so far … Paramaveera Chakra, Jaisimha, and Ruler. Parama Veera Chakra was the biggest flop in Balayya’s career at that time and Ruler also ended up being a flop. Jaisimha was released for Sankranthi that year and it ended up as an average since the rest of the films failed.

The results of the film aside, all the films produced by C Kalyan are of poor production values and with outdated combinations. There will be no publicity after the release. With that, fans are not at all happy with this news. Balayya is currently busy with Boyapati’s film. Names like B.Gopal and Srivas are being heard as his next directors.