Avinash certain to go out of Bigg Boss 4

Those three helped Bigg Boss Avinash clear all his debts and problems

Last week, Avinash was all set to go out but he escaped it due to the eviction pass he had. But this week, he is in the nominations as the housemates voted for him in a big way and Avinash was hugely upset by the way everyone cornered.

Monal was the weakest candidate but things have changed in the last minute as the vote bank for her has increased over the weeks. She is in a safe zone as per the news from the makers which is a good thing for the Gujarati actress.

But for Avinash, it is curtains as he is in the nominations and has also lost it in the house. The Bigg Boss has also kept the race to finale contestant as suspense¬†and in today’s episode, it will be known as to who will be that person who will go to the finale.