Attack On Singer Sunitha Husband’s Office

Attack On Singer Sunitha Husband's Office

Singer Sunita’s husband, Ram, the head of Mango Videos, is in trouble. Gowda caste groups have attacked the Mango YouTube channel office in the Srinagar colony. They are concerned that videos were being posted on the Mango YouTube channel to hurt their community women’s sentiments.

Recently Mango Video promoted a video. Gowdas allege that the women from their community were portrayed as prostitutes in the video. They shouted slogans against Singer Sunitha’s husband, Ram who happens to be the head of Mango Videos.

They demanded that the channel tender an immediate apology along with deleting the videos from the YouTube channel. The police reached the spot and have taken those agitating into custody. Ram and Singer Sunitha are yet to respond to this controversy.