Aswini Dutt Extremely Critical of Chiranjeevi

Ashwini Dutt

Aswini Dutt is one of the favorite Producers for Mega fans after he delivered a classic like Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari with Chiranjeevi in the past. But Dutt has come before the media and fired on Chiranjeevi saying that Chiranjeevi doesn’t know anything about this issue.

He commented, Chiranjeevi should learn from Pawan Kalyan who is supporting farmers. He also commented that Chiranjeevi should understand that the concept of multiple capitals has failed everywhere else. While talking about Prudhvi, Aswini Dutt did not mince words and called him ‘Vedhava’.

Aswini Dutt gave some of his lands in Gannavaram to the Government for the expansion of the Airport. The then Government gave lands in Amaravati as a part of the Land Pooling Policy. Jagan Government shifting the Capital will also have an adverse effect on Aswini Dutt as well.

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