Aravinda Sametha USA Profit/Loss Report: Operation Success, Patient Died

IMDB Rating:Aravindha Sametha Beats Rangasthalam & BAN

Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava run in overseas has almost come to an end and it collected $2,137,651 as of today and it may end up around $2.2 Million in full run. Movie did have a decent run and is now the highest grosser of NTR in Overseas, however for the price it was bought it would end up as a loss venture to overseas distributor. Let’s dive into the actual numbers

Overseas Rights: 13 Crores (Including 2 Crores Agnyathavaasi Compensation as same distributors distributed Agnyathavaasi too)

Non USA Sold For : 3 Crores

USA Rights: 10 Crores

US Expenses For Release: 1.5 Crore ($210k Including VPF’s, Drives, Promotions & Publicity)

Estimated Full Run in US: $2.2 Million

Estimated Share : $1.2 Million (55% of $2.2 Million after taxes and considering Regal percentages)

Estimated Share in INR: 8.8 Crore @ 73 Rs/Dollar

Total Cost of Project: 10 Crores + 1.5 Crores = 11.5 Crores

Loss:  2.7 Crores

Verdict: FLOP