AP Government’s Death Blow To Tollywood

AP Government's Death Blow To Tollywood

Andhra Pradesh Government has brought in an amendment to the Cinematography act which many in the industry term as a death blow to the industry. The Revised act takes movie theatres ticketing under the Government’s control and mandates only four shows be screened.

The act makes it compulsory to sell the ticket prices only at the rates prescribed by the Government and that too through its own Online Ticketing Platform. With this move, AP Government may have taken the Telugu film industry back by at least 10-15 years.

This is a big blow to the Big Budget Films and brings us to the question – Is the Government making a clear aim and hitting Tollywood revenues?. The industry biggies who have tried to appease the Government may have to knock the door of the courts against this. RRR makers will be very nervous.