Allu Arjun’s terrific transformation in Pushpa’s second half

Allu Arjun's terrific transformation in Pushpa's second half

Allu Arjun is sporting a rugged look for Pushpa and we all know that which is evident from the posters of the film. Bunny plays a lorry driver in the film and he goes through all sorts of troubles in the first half of the film.

But we have come to know that the second half of the film will be ultra-posh and stylish. Bunny will be seen in a new stylish look as the film moves to the city in the second half. This is where the story changes and main twists come in one after the other.

This part has been kept as suspense as there is a revenge angle in the film as well. Sukumar has designed a never-before kind of a role for Bunny who will also be seen in a beast mode in this film which has Rashmika as the heroine.