Allu Arjun furious with RGV’s Allu

RGV studying Sushanth and Rhea Chakraborthy's lives closely

After targeting Pawan Kalyan in a big way, RGV has now set his eyes on Allu Aravind. He announced a short while back that he will make a film named Allu which is obviously on the mega-producer.

This film will showcase what happened after Allu Aravind joined the Praja Rajyam Party. Very cleverly Varma has changed the names of characters and also says that this film is not revenged on the Allu family but it is clear that he is doing it for his personal vengeance.

In all this, the inside info is that Allu Arjun and his brother are furious on RGV for making a film on their dad. They do not want to see their dad go through this nonsense at this age and get thrashed by RGV. But the point is that the camp wants to stay calm and do not want to give unnecessary publicity to RGV.