Actor Naresh condemns Arbnab Goswami’s arrest

Actor Naresh condemns Arbnab Goswami's arrest

Noted media tycoon, Arnab Goswami bad-mouthed the Hindi film industry that so many actors in Bollywood filed defamation cases against him. Even the Maharastra government was trying hard to pin him down and finally, they did it today after they arrested him at his Mumbai residence in a case that went back to 2018.

The Mumbai cops reached Arnab’s apartment and dragged him off to the police stations where he will be put for the next few days. Even though the actors are happy with this, Telugu actor Naresh has condemned this arrest through his tweet.

“I was utterly shocked by the way a reputed journalist like Arnab Goswami waz manhandled. Can this still happen in India? The emergency of the congress regime relieved. I condemn this atrocity. It’s high time the central govt swings into action. Arnab v r with u” posted Naresh.