Acharya Team in A Hurry

Duet Time in Acharya

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Acharya was the first film to stall its shoot last year when the Coronavirus cases are increasing. Later, the industry had shut down which ensured a break of around 8-9 months. Now, as Acharya is nearing completion, the Coronavirus cases are once again increasing. 

Telangana State has hit the Thousand Cases for the first time since November 19th, 2020. The state reported 1078 new COVID cases and 6 deaths from 8 PM on April 1st to the same time of April 2nd. In the wake of this, Chiranjeevi has asked Koratala to wrap up the film in a quick time as the Corona cases are on the rise.

Chiranjeevi does not want the shoot to be halted due to one more lockdown. The movie has announced releasing on May 13th and it has to be seen if it will go as planned. Already Karnataka Government had ordered 50% occupancy in the theaters in the wake of increasing cases.