A Web Series getting ready to defame RGV

Court Stalls Ram Gopal Varma's Controversial Film

Fans of Pawan Kalyan are doing everything to defame RGV as he is making a film on Power Star Pawan Kalyan. They have already announced a film called Parannageevi two days back and Sri Reddy is also playing a key role in this controversial film on RGV.

If this was not enough, a web series is being produced now which will show how RGV goes about dealing with dark acts in the hiding. Shakalaka Shankar is the man who is playing RGV in the series and he is an ardent fan of Power Star.

The web series will be made in Telugu and be dubbed in Hindi as well is the talk. Knowing RGV, he is not a fan who will be worried about all this and we need to see how he reacts to al these films made on him.