2020 sum up – These films bombed badly at the box office

2020 sum up - These films bombed badly at the box office

2020 was a year that not many want to remember at any cost. Thanks to Corona, so much happened in our lives and the biggest loss was for the industry who suffered big time. Though films stopped releasing from March, let us see those films which failed to create an impact.

The first on the list is Disco Raja, the Ravi Teja starrer which released with so much hype. The film directed by VI Anand flopped big time with the audience. Second in line is Vijay Devarakonda’s World Famous Lover. Right from the day the poster was released, there was no buzz for this film which was trolled heavily by fans and audience for its boring narration.

Next in line is Jaanu, the much-awaited remake of 96. Though Sam’s performance was appreciated by the critics, the audience just panned the film in a big way. The next film is Aswathama, the movie which had a story by Naga Shourya himself. Though the hero tried hard, the film did not impress many. Finally, Entha Manchivadavura is a film that tried to change Kalyan Ram’s image but that did not happen at all due to the bland narration of Satish Vegensa.