YSR Congress is a Psycho Party: CM Chandrababu


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister fired on the Opposition YSR Congress Party calling the party as a Psycho Party. The Chief Minister went on to say that the Psycho Party do not want investments to come to the State and are conspiring against the state. “They always want people to suffer. This is a Psycho attitude. Their sadism is evident from trying to stop Pasupu-Kunkuma Program,” Chandrababu admonished.

Chandrababu also rubbished Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Complaint to Election Commission this morning. “Anti-BJP Parties were to meet the Election Commission about EVMs. So, Jagan immediately rushed to Delhi and tried to divert the topic. Jagan is acting at the behest of PM Modi and there is no other example than this,” Chandrababu alleged.