Priya Varrier Again Get Trolled Badly

Priya Varrier Again Get Trolled Badly

Priya Varrier is a celebrity who is often targeted by trollers. It has been hard for her to escape from trolls and criticisms and now, the actress who is one among the most popular celebrities on Instagram has been trolled once again and this time for a goof up that she made.

Priya Varrier is very active on Instagram and her posts do get a good reach among audiences. Most recently, she had seemingly copy-pasted a post as the way it was received. The Instagram post, which was a promotion of a perfume brand started with the sentence “Text content for Instagram and Facebook:”, which meant that it was copy pasted. The photo that she posted on the Instagram page had herself along with other celebrities like Sneha Ullal and Kriti Varma.

She edited the post after some time by removing the initial content but that short span of time was more than enough for the audiences to troll her. Some of the audiences even advised her to read the text before posting anything on Instagram.

As mentioned above, Priya Varrier is hugely popular on Instagram and she had set a record in garnering maximum number of followers in a single day. At present, the actress has around 6.8 million followers.