Mohan Babu case-YVS in no mood to bend down

Mohan Babu case-YVS in no mood to bend down

Earlier today, Mohan Babu was given bail in a cheque bounce case which was filed against him by director YVS Chowdary. The court in Errun Manzil gave bail on one condition saying that Mohan Babu has to give the 40 lakhs amount to Chowdary within one month otherwise he will be found guilty and even sent to jail.

As soon as this verdict came out, the inner circle of Mohan Babu started contacting YVS to settle matter off the court. But the inside info is that YVS is not bending down and wants his money back at any cost.

He is adamant and wants to go as far as possible with the case. Insiders say that YVS is very upset with the way things have gone bad for him in this case and he wants full justice.