Lakshmi’s NTR three day collections-Hit Bomma

Lakshmi's NTR three day collections-Hit Bomma

RGV is a happy man as his film Lakshmi’s NTR is making good money. The first weekend was very fruitful for the film as it made close to 3.9 crores worldwide.

This is huge money keeping the fact in mind that the film did not release in AP. The film made 1.9 crores in Telangana after the first three days and now is still managing good numbers.

This can be said as a big hit and come back for RGV as his previous films like Officer did not even make 2 crores. Once the film releases in AP, the collections will surely boost up but by then the buzz for the film will die down. For now, RGV is laughing all the way to the bank.