Krish always knew the result of NTR Kathanayakudu


Krish is going through a bad time of sorts as his film NTR Kathanayakudu bombed badly and his other film Manikarnika is in all sorts of news regarding direction credit for him.

Now, as Yatra has released and is doing good, so many comparisons have started. The social media and reviewers are saying that Krish missed the basic emotion element and only showcased NTR as a hero where YSR was shown in a helpless situation and then was showcased as a hero later in the film which worked in the favor of Yatra.

This small aspect Krish missed and he paid the price. The inside info is that Krish always knew about this but Balakrishna was adamant that the biopic should come out in two parts. Now, the result is clear and there is no buzz for Mahanayakudu which is also in neck-deep problems.