Indian Air Force Crosses Border to Bomb Terror Camps in Pak

Indian Air Force has struck the biggest training camp of Jaish e Mohammed (JeM) in Balakot in the early hours on Tuesday with a group of Mirage 2000 Jet Fighters. This Strike is unlike the previous strikes because it is for the first time in recent times that India has struck deep inside Pakistan territory. The 12 Fighter Jets reportedly dropped 1000 Kgs payload of Bombs targeting the Camp.

At least 3000 Terror Targets were hit as estimated by Indian Air Force. Care was taken in selecting the location so as not to have any civilian casualties. On the other hand, Pakistan has confirmed the Strike of IAF but reported that there were no casualties reported and denied having a training camp of Jaish e Mohammed (JeM) in that location. It was Pakistan civilians first posted the video of Indian Fighter Jets Bombing Balakot.