Boyapati Charged Huge Amount For TDP Ads

Boyapati Charged Huge Amount For TDP Ads

Boyapati Srinu, an ardent admirer of Nandamuri family and a staunch follower of TDP took it as a challenge and directed nearly ten Pro-TDP ads that are being aired across all the channels now.Previously, the political commercials for the party led by N Chandrababu Naidu were churned out by K Raghavendra Rao but now, Boyapati Srinu has taken that spot.

While Boyapati TDP ads are getting thumping response i Tv and in social media.Boyapati has given nice elevations to Chandra Babu’s Governance and his schemes in certain ads and has gone overboard in praising CBN in some ads.

Boyapati Srinu apparently charged whopping Rs 4 crores for these ads. While his remuneration in movies as a director is said to be around Rs 10 crores, Boyapati Srinu seems to hold no political aspirations and has taken up the TDP ads like any other project.